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world's largest biodiversity

In partnership with the non-governmental organization IGMA (Instituto Gaia Mata Atlântica), Tukanacu helps protect more than 700 species of animals from the most biodiverse forest on the planet, the Atlantic Forest. Some of these species are at serious risk because today only 15% of the forest original size remains, as a result of the expansion of cities and agricultural deforestation. A good example is the jaguar which has solitary habits and travels long distances, needing a large area to hunt and survive. Another is the Golden Lion Tamarin, which is the symbol of natural preservation in Brazil. Some studies show that it eats more than 60 species of plants and, after digesting them, helps disperse its seeds through the environment. The institute supervises this forest and biodiversity, teaches children about the worries and duties we must have with our forest and creates movements to care for the animals that are at risk. Tukanacu and IGMA now work together to create protection and education projects, fighting for this cause and the environment and in this way, making a better and happier world for our children.

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