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Why "cachaça" is the best rum in the world

The Brazilian


to make Rum

while normal rum is made from unselected material, in Brazil, we give a special treatment by choosing the right variety of plant and the perfect soil. that's why we grow the best and most sugared sugar canes. After that, We use only the fresh juice from sugar cane to provide an exclusive and amazing taste of the Brazilian rum while normal rum uses a cooked molasses, losing final taste and quality. And it doesn't end here...

besides that our fresh sugar cane juice is fermented by the wild yeast that you can only find in our farm's microclimate only. In other words any other place on earth can produce a Rum with the same extraordinary taste. the mother nature keeps our secretvery well.

It's incredible !

Lastly we do an extremely care distilling in a copper alembic and separating the part called "Heart". the heart is the middle part of distillation. Know how to separate the heart and you will extract the most pure and tasty rum ever made. The Brazilian Rum "cachaça"

discover the true pure artisan brazilian rum today


take a look at our finished wood barrels of Brazilian Rum and be surprised

For your best drink

The best Spirit

Tukanaçu cachaça

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